DEKRA Automotive

Refurbishment Process Audit - Inspection and Analysis

As a strictly independent body, DEKRA have the expertise to conduct audits covering; vehicles arriving on site, process flow, damage assessment, repair methods, repair quality, invoicing and condition delivered to the end user.  An unbiased detailed analysis of results and recommendations will be prepared and presented.  Through our audit activity, DEKRA have identified and our clients have implemented processes resulting in:

  • Reduced time from de-fleet to available for sale
  • Improvement in the quality of repair
  • Introduction of smart repair methods to reduce costs
  • Elimination and/or reduction of unnecessary repairs
  • Greater control of total vehicle life repair costs
  • Improved quality of the overall vehicle condition
  • Capture and redirection of repair costs which are not the client’s responsibility, including; site damage, poor previous repairs, transport damage and much more

Supplier due diligence is a core part of any purchasing team’s responsibility.  Independent auditing of suppliers’ processes in the vehicle inspection and refurbishment process will track that supplier's performance against SLAs such as:

  • Identifying repeated problems
  • Highlighting potential future issues before they happen
  • Finding opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Introducing or re-setting best practice

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