DEKRA Automotive

  • Accurate, unbiased inspection results completed by an qualified independent vehicle inspector
  • Analysis of cost provided simply through our own system
  • Professional Inspection completed in a timely cost-effective manner every time

DEKRA has over 90 years of experience, a presence in 18 countries and carries out over 26 million vehicle inspections annually.

If you are looking to define the damage and repair costs on your demonstrators, loan cars, rental cars or contract hire vehicles, DEKRA will:

  • Identify damage and shortfalls beyond a given return standard, by applying pre-defined technical guidelines
  • Cost those items at the point of inspection
  • Provide you with the ability to re-invoice for those damages and shortages
  • Enable you to consider the damage cost for remarketing purposes
  • Supply independent inspection that instils confidence in the driver handing back the vehicle

We also offer a new vehicle handover service in conjunction with this inspection, providing a seamless vehicle exchange process.

Please contact us to find out more information.