DEKRA Automotive

Prospect Manager Dashboard

An automotive contact Management System providing real-time Fleet data maximising today’s opportunities.

About Prospect Manager

How beneficial would an intuitive Fleet CRM tool, delivering real-time activity measurements of your Fleet Department, be to your business?

Prospect Manager is an online tool specifically designed and developed to do exactly that. It is a web-based system for management of Fleet Customer data that;

• Prioritises contact activity
• Stores documents electronically
• Provides bespoke reporting to enable performance management on Fleet KPI’s

Data is managed in defined ‘silos’ that highlight the status of the business relationship with your customers and prospects.
The automotive contact Management System captures all data relevant to your Fleet Department in one place and it provides a clear focus on contact management activity with your customers and prospects. It captures data utilising specific defined fields providing intelligent real-time information enabling you to maximise your business on today’s opportunities whilst also planning for future success.

Hierarchic access to the system allows management to view real-time information in a highly structured format providing an effective platform for performance management of the Fleet Department. The tool can be utilised by dealership and manufacturer teams with reporting suites at local, regional and national levels to set individuals KPI’s.