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Online performance enhancement for real world business improvement

Performance Manager is a specially developed internet portal that measures the behaviours, processes and values of a motor manufacturer which are then channelled into a dealership network. This online reporting of results achieves maximum effectiveness and quality improvement as a result of direct access to operational Best Practice guidance, resulting in long-term success.

About Performance Manager

Our dynamic internet performance optimisation portal is an integral part of our performance improvement programme and along with other web-based tools drives businesses forward in the pursuit of excellence. Performance Manager is a tracking and optimising system which supports Best Practice at every stage of the retail cycle.

Excellence is the watchword when it comes to the customer experience and we utilise Performance Manager to its full extent, enabling our Business Partners to achieve this for both their internal and external consumers as well as a profitable ROI.

This portal contains a series of processes and behaviours that reflect the culture of the manufacturer which then allows dealers to monitor their own performance. It includes advice and support on ways to achieve maximum efficiency in a process activity and how to decide if that activity is currently in place within their dealership.

SMART goals can be embedded within this portal with accompanying text as part of an action plan which is available to designated staff within the dealership. It is developed with a hierarchical level of access which means that anyone in your workforce can view these processes and as such, are clear about their role in the overall scheme.

Performance Manager is supported by a complete toolbox containing scripts, documents, spread sheets, implementation tips and advice and critical research support. These are designed to help performance coaches, sales teams, area managers and departmental managers embed action plans and other related information within the portal and are further supported by a real-time management reporting suite.

Performance Manager is effective at instigating behavioural change in situations where there is a gap in knowledge required for a particular role or an issue with inter-personal skills that affects a person’s ability to successfully interact with customers, causing a lack of confidence and self-esteem.