DEKRA Automotive

Are you serious about getting the most out of the people in your business?

Behavioural profiling and insight into emotional intelligence are valuable tools for recruitment, those employees changing roles and for getting the most out of teams. DEKRA can support you to achieve reduced attrition, higher employee productivity & engagement and offer you full insight into what makes people successful.

We have proven experience of enabling organisations to recruit, retain, develop and manage their people effectively by:

  • Understanding your needs
  • Professional advice on selecting the right tools
  • Supporting you to manage the entire process
  • Working with individuals, teams or the entire company

Our trained practitioners can analyse a person’s working behaviours, their strengths and limitations, communication style, value to the business and what motivates them, or identify their ability to learn and retain new skills for a change in role.

Better understanding your most valuable asset enables you to drive performance.

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