DEKRA Automotive

Quarterly campaigns, model launches, process changes or technical updates

Webinars are a fantastic way to reach your target audience without a whole team leaving the office

DEKRA will support you to deliver impactful messages to large or small audiences.  Our clients use this communication method to deliver a multitude of messages, from time sensitive to regular quarterly communications. 

We create interactive communications to match the message which can include chat, quiz, video and more, or simply broadcast to 200 delegates.

We offer a full service:-

  • Creation of branded invitation portal
  • Delegate management with full reporting
  • Development of creative content
  • Dynamic delivery
  • Delegate feedback
  • Recording and distribution to a wider audience
  • Studio and equipment provided at our new and modern offices

Clients can focus on delivering the message whilst we handle all of the technical elements required for a successful ‘live’ broadcast.

Some of our clients who create their own material also make use of our coaching for  'Webinar presentation skills.'  We work with each client on an individual basis. Call us to see how we can help you deliver your messages, on time, in budget and ‘on brand’.

Contact us to request a demonstration.