DEKRA Automotive

Network Coaching

The DEKRA Digital Lead Management Network Coaching Programme is designed to increase Dealer engagement with digital customers and bring more appointments.

This well-proven Programme combines:

  • In-Retailer Coaching
  • Online Coaching
  • An innovative online system providing both resources and reporting

Firstly, we work with you to understand your current processes, systems and training. Our first dealer visit will be a diagnostic check, leading to the creation of a unique action plan. Coaching combines physical visits and individual one-to-one online follow-up reviews conducted via our i-Coach platform.

Our Online Performance Manager platform includes a wealth of coaching materials and resources, targeted action setting, records of progress & completion and reports processed by our in-house analysts:

  • In-Retailer Coaching
  • I-Coaching Online
  • Online Group Training Modules
  • Digital Communication and Video Critiquing
  • Action and evidence-based programme progression
  • Fully supported by the latest technology and software
  • All reporting visible to Field and Management teams

A proven programme delivering results. Please contact us for a case study